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Intimacy Without Responsibility is about the mystery and sacred space that relationship takes us.  

Intimacy Without Responsibility teaches me that every person I attract into my life is a part of me, my wholeness, a missing piece of my healing puzzle- that no matter what happens in this relationship, I am moving toward higher consciousness and the evolution of my being.

Intimacy Without Responsibility is about the conscious evolution of love! When we truly heal and take care of our own issues, we are able to love others more deeply!

Intimacy Without Responsibility is a BOOK, a PROCESS, a COURSE and a way to experience the conscious evolution of love... 

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Every relationship I have is mirroring something about me thatis wanting to come up into consciousness for my healing andtransformation... for my wholeness and the evolution of my soul.

What People Say


“Beginning this process, it was his reflection I reacted to in my mirror. Now ending this process, it is my reflection I respond to in my mirror. What a difference a reflection makes!.”

Debbie Lis, Workshop Participant

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